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Tuxpin is a service that narrates webpages and sends them to your podcast app for listening

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The Tuxpin makes it easy to narrate webpages and send them to your Podcast app in one step.

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NOTE: You can also use Tuxpin in your browser

How it works

Tuxpin uses the latest in neural text to speech technology to produce natural sounding narrations. Listen to a sample.

Find a webpage you want to have Tuxpin narrate for you using your browser or social media app.

Add webpages to your private Tuxpin playlist using the Share function, or paste the URL into the Tuxpin app.

You can then listen to your playlist in your preferred podcast app.

Tuxpin Features

Let Tuxpin Read it to You


Natural Voices

Tuxpin uses the latest in neural text-to-speech technology to produce natural sounding results.


Private Playlist

Add webpages to your Tuxpin playlist, and they will be instantly narrated for you and sent to your podcast app.



The Tuxpin free plan provides up to 5 narrations per month.


Podcast App Compatible

Your Tuxpin playlist can be added to your preferred podcast app for optimal listening experience.


Share to Tuxpin

Add webpages to your Tuxpin playlist directly using your web browser or social app's share function.



Tuxpin has native apps for iOS and Android, as well as a web client


We've prepared a few short videos so you can see Tuxpin in action

Getting Started

Get started for free by installing the Tuxpin app. Then follow the link below for instructions on connecting Tuxpin to your Podcast app, and performing your first narration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    Tuxpin provides you with 5 narration credits per month for free. 1 narration credit is about 9 minutes of audio - or the length of a typical news article. So you can narrate up to 5 news articles per month with the free plan. If you find that you use Tuxpin regularly, you might consider upgrading your account to Premium, and receive 500 narration credits per month.

  • Is the narration quality any good?

    The narration quality is already quite good, and it is improving every day as the neural text-to-speech quality improves. This is not the droney computer voice you remember from the nineties. Neural text-to-speech has become so good that many people prefer it to the average human narrator. Listen to a sample and judge for yourself.

  • Is there a limit to the number of words in a webpage that can be narrated?

    Tuxpin calculates the number of credits required to narrate a webpage based on the number of spoken words on the page. 1 credit corresponds with approximately 9 minutes of narration. If you attempt to narrate a very long webpage (e.g. a book), then it will just cost you more credits.

  • What languages does Tuxpin support?

    Currently Tuxpin only supports English. If you would like us to support another language, please let us know and we'll look into adding support for it.

  • Which podcast apps is Tuxpin Compatible with?

    In theory, Tuxpin is compatible with any podcast app. When you create an account you receive a private Podcast feed URL that can be added to any podcast app that supports subscribing to feeds by URL. To simplify things, Tuxpin provides one-click links to add your feed to many of the popular podcast apps on both iOS and Android. If your podcast app is not one of these apps, you can simply copy and paste your private feed URL into your podcast app. Tuxpin includes direct links for Apple Podcasts, Castro, Pocket Casts, Overcast, Podcast Addict, Downcast, and Podkicker. If your podcast app isn't listed here, let us know, and we'll look into adding it. And in the mean time, you can still add your feed manually, as mentioned above.

  • Why does premium subscription cost more on iOS?

    Apple requires all purchases on iOS to go through their in-app purchase, and they charge us up to 30% on all transactions. In order to offset this cost and other issues with the iOS platform, we needed to increase the price on iOS. However, if you subscribe on the website or in the Android app, you'll still be able to use the premium subscription from your iOS device.

  • Can I listen to narrations directly in the Tuxpin app, without needing to use my Podcast app?

    Yes you can. However, the audio-playing features of the Tuxpin app are currently very basic. The intention is for you to use your Podcast app because it will provide the optimal listening experience.

  • Why isn't Tuxpin showing up in the list of "Share" targets in my app on iOS?

    Tuxpin will be listed as a share target only when a webpage URL is shared. Some apps instead share a different type of media (e.g. The title of the webpage) when you select "Share". In cases like this, the easiest thing to to is to either open the URL in Safari (if your app has this function), or copy and paste the URL directly into the "Narrate" field of the Tuxpin app.

Tuxpin Newsletter

The Tuxpin newsletter includes recommendations of interesting content that we have found around the web that you might want to listen to. It also includes updates and tips to get the most out of Tuxpin.